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This week we'll hear the second half of Jesus and the Lions' Den.


22nd November

Let’s pray before we start 

Father God, please teach us about Who you are, what you are like and how you have revealed your big rescue plan. Amen. 

Let's play a game

(Place some common household objects on a tray under a thin cloth/sheet/scarf – the more distinctively shaped the better!) Let’s have a look at this covered tray. As you look at the shape of the objects under the sheet, can you guess what any of them are? … Now feel their shape. What do you think they are?... (Reveal the items.) For some/all of those objects, just knowing their shape told us quite a lot about them. We’re now going to see how the shape of Daniel’s story is also the shape of Jesus’ story and tells us a lot about the message of the Bible. 

Let’s listen to God 

“Jesus began to explain everything that had been written about himself in the Scriptures [the Old Testament]. He started with Moses, and then he talked about what all the prophets had said about him.” (Luke 24 v 25b-27) 

Whatever part of the Bible we read, we are reading part of one big story, and all of that story is about Jesus. The Old Testament part of the story is getting the reader ready to understand who Jesus is when we read about him in the New Testament. So even if we are reading about Moses or Noah or David or Daniel, we can look out for “Jesus moments”—parts of that story that remind us of Jesus, or tell us something about Jesus. Let’s spot some now…

Watch Bea reading the story here...  link

For older children: Look up/read these four New Testament passages. In what ways is the shape of Daniel’s story like the shape of Jesus’ story? 

Mark 14 v 55: “The leading priests and all the Jewish council tried to find something that Jesus had done wrong so they could kill him. But the council could find no proof against him.” 

Mark 14 v 56-59: “Many people came and told false things about him. But all said different things—none of them agreed. Then some men stood up and lied about Jesus. They said, ‘We heard this man say, “I will destroy this Temple that men made. And three days later, I will build another Temple—a Temple not made by men.”’ But even the things these men said did not agree.” 

Mark 14 v 34-36: “He said to them, ‘I am full of sorrow. My heart is breaking with sadness. Stay here and watch.’ Jesus walked a little farther away from them. Then he fell on the ground and prayed. He prayed that, if possible, he would not have this time of suffering. He prayed, ‘Abba, Father! You can do all things. Let me not have this cup of suffering. But do what you want, not what I want.’” 

Acts 2 v 24: “God raised Jesus from death. God set him free from the pain of death. Death could not hold him.” 

Let’s think again 

Can you think of any other “Jesus moments” from any other Old Testament stories you know? (Examples children might be familiar with include Abraham and Isaac or the Passover lamb—stories containing substitutes; David and Goliath, where God’s chosen King rescues his people from their enemies; Jonah and the fish, where the prophet is in the fish for three days before being ”resurrected”.) 

What would you say to someone who said that the Bible is just a collection of random stories? 

Like Daniel, we can talk to God every day by praying and hear what he has to say to us by reading his big Bible story. How could we do that as a family and/or on your own? 

Let’s pray together

I’m going to read out some lines to help us pray. Let’s think together about how we can fill in the gaps in those lines based on what we’ve learned today from God’s Word.

Father God, we praise you because you are the _________________ God. 

Thank you for Jesus, who _______________. 

When we read the Bible, please teach us ______________________. 

Now let’s use our ideas to pray together...

Enjoy singing about how all of the Bible is about Jesus... link


Using minimal resources… Draw round one hand (your thumb tucked in) to be a lion’s body. Turn your hand round 180 degrees and draw round it again such that the palm outlines overlap but the fingers on the second hand shape stick up as the mane. Colour in the body, face and mane and add facial details.

Using things you may have around…

• you’ll need a paper plate, glue, coloured paper/tissue paper/pasta: draw a lion’s face on the plate, use glue to attach any of the materials to make a mane.

• you’ll need paper, fork, paint: draw a circular lion’ face and use the fork prongs dipped in paint to add  a printed mane.

 • you’ll need a pizza or pancake with toppings of choice: use fruit, olives and/or crudités to make a lion’s face, and add a mane around the edge using pepperoni pieces or segments of orange.


Start calming down for bed by playing sleeping lions! Who rescued Daniel by shutting the lions’ mouths? What else can they remember?

Learn a memory verse. As a family, choose one of the verses below to learn over the course of the week. You could write up the memory verse somewhere and cover words with post-it notes or write out the initial letters only, or try setting it to a familiar tune for instance as you learn it…

• For younger children: “God rescues and saves people. God does mighty miracles in heaven and on earth. God saved Daniel from the power of the lions.” (Daniel 6 v 27)

• For older children “All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.” (Acts 10 v 43, NIV)


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