Welcome to New Life Church Catford!

New Life Church Catford is a Christ-centred church family with a passion for Catford. 

New life in Christ, offered freely to all in the gospel story, is central to this passion. 

Our vision is to bring God praise as we grow a diverse church community in Catford through reaching out faithfully with the good news about Jesus Christ. 

We meet on Sundays at 4pm at the Calabash Centre, 24-26 George Lane, Catford, SE13 6HH.

We are part of the Co-Mission network of churches and a partner church of Grace Church Brockley


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Thu 21st Nov 2019 Spotlight...on Sovereignty: God's Hunger Games: Isn't an all-sovereign God the architect of evil? 19:45
Sun 24th Nov 2019 4pm Meeting 16:00
Wed 27th Nov 2019 Prayer Driven 19:45
Sun 1st Dec 2019 4pm Meeting 16:00
Sun 17th Nov 2019 Foundations: A Secure Promise: Abraham delivered from Abimelek Sermon on Genesis 20:1-18
Sun 10th Nov 2019 Foundations: A Secure Promise: Judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah Sermon on Read Gen 19:14-29; Preach 19:1-38
Sun 3rd Nov 2019 Foundations: A Secure Promise: Will not the Judge of the Earth do right? Sermon on Read Gen 18:16-33; Preach 18:1-33
Sun 27th Oct 2019 Foundations: A Secure Promise: The covenant of circumcision Sermon on Read Gen 17:9-27; Preach 17:1-27


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