Data Privacy Notice

This information sheet tells you how New Life Church Catford (NLCC) uses personal data. Personal data means information about you from which you can be identified such as your name and address.  

Why is my data being collected?

We use your personal data to provide you with information about our current and future program of activities and to facilitate administration of the church. If you have given us personal data about your children, we use this to help run our children’s activities. These are known as NLCC’s ‘legitimate interests’. With consent, we use your data to tell you about new church activities and products (e.g. tickets to events).

NLCC may include your contact details on a Church Directory, which is searchable by adult members, only if you’ve been explicitly asked for your consent to be included in the Church Directory and you have given your consent. You can contact us to withdraw your consent at any time and we will remove you from the Church Directory.

With your consent we may use your personal data to maintain our own accounts and records, including processing of gift aid. We have a legal obligation to process certain categories of personal data, such as data relating to safeguarding.  With consent, we may include personal data on our website (e.g. leadership team biographies) to help publicise NLCC. 

How is my data collected?

In most cases, in the past you have given us your personal data through some contact with us. For example, you may have filled in a form from our church or personally provided your contact details during a home visit.  You may also have given us personal data about your children, for example through a registration form for a children’s activity such as Sunday school. You may have provided us with financial data, for example to purchase items or facilitate gift-aid. 

If you (or your children) are part of any church groups such, as midweek bible study, we will record this information. Data relating to safeguarding, including Sunday school registers, will be collected by group leaders or safeguarding coordinators. Pastoral information may be recorded by individuals providing pastoral care.

Who is my data shared with?

In general, your data is shared with the leadership team and individuals providing administrative and/or organisational support to the leadership team. This includes the Church Pastors, Treasurer, Website Manager, Midweek group leaders, our safeguarding team and Sunday School leaders. It may also be accessed by Concordant Systems Ltd., the company that runs our church website and database. Sensitive data such as financial, safeguarding or pastoral data is shared on a need-to-know basis. Where we use a third-party service provider to process payments, they have access only to information needed to perform their function and can use it only for this specific purpose.

If you gave your consent to being included in the Church Directory then your details will be visible to others in the directory. You can choose which of your contact details to include.

If you help on the church rotas, your name will be visible to members of NLCC’s congregation. With consent, information about you may be visible to the public via our website (e.g. leaders’ biographies). Your data will not be shared with other third parties unless you give consent or unless required by law.

How long will my data be held?

We keep different categories of personal data for different lengths of time. These are summarised below.

If you filled in an online form, booked onto one of our events or completed a hardcopy feedback or response form, the data you gave us will be held for up to 2 years. It will then be destroyed unless you consent to us keeping your data to contact you again. 

If you filled in a ‘Contact Details Form’ (A4 page), the data from this will be held until you leave NLCC and will then be destroyed within 1 year.  If you consent, we will keep your name, email and mobile number to allow people to keep in touch when you have moved on.

If your child or children joined any of our children’s activities, information from registration and consent forms will be held for up to 2 years after they leave the group or finish the activity. For safeguarding, we will keep their name and date of birth indefinitely and these will be included on our attendance registers.

For individuals involved in delivering children’s work, your contact details and a minimum data set relating to DBS checks will be retained indefinitely. 

Finance-related personal data will be retained for up to 8 years. Pastoral data will be retained for up to 4 years. Safeguarding data and staff personnel records will be retained indefinitely.

Use of Cookies

The NLCC website runs on the ChurchBuilder platform.  ChurchBuilder does not use tracking cookies.  ChurchBuilder uses session cookies to manage navigation around the site. This is not a long-lived cookie and is not used for tracking where the user came from. ChurchBuilder uses a long-lived cookie for users that login and tick the “remember me” box during login. ChurchBuilder uses long-lived cookies for remembering preferences when the user visits the ChurchBuilder application pages (including the Calendar page).

Can I see my data?

You can ask to see your personal data held by NLCC and if there are any mistakes you can ask to have these corrected. Please email and we will be able to arrange this for you.

Can I ask for my data to be deleted?

You can ask for your personal data held by NLCC to be destroyed.  Unless there are legal reasons why we need to keep your data, we will destroy all paper and electronic copies of your data.  Please email and we will be able to arrange this for you.

What if there is a problem?

If you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data you can lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We encourage you to contact us about the problem first so we can try and resolve it.

How can I obtain more information?

If you would like more information about data protection, please email .

Last updated  October 2020

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